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Past City Marshals / Chiefs of Police
Listed chronologically from present to past

Richard Sele - 4/2014 to Present
Bill Jones - 3/2010 to 4/2014
Mel Richey - 1/2007 to 1/2010
Doug McKenna - 7/1999 to 12/2006
John Groth - 2/1984 to 5/1999
Bob Beckham - 8/1983 to 2/1984
Gerry Harding
David Russell
James Bryan
Robert Hazlett
Donald Armstrong
Hubert Harris
George Rardon
Frank Lance
George Heckert / William Chamberlain*
George Heckert / John Meador*
George Heckert / Roy Wyant*
H.R. Hall
Simon Coats / I.N. Minton*
Simon Coats / R.T. Minton*
Simon Coats
Hiram Hall / P.M. Atwell*
Hiram Hall / J.H. Burroughs*
Simon Coats / Hiram Hall*
J. H. Peterson
J.W. Timmons
Elmer Philpot
Harry McCullough
William M Loflin
Elmer Philpot
C.H. Vanaustine
J.D. Clem
Elmer Philpot
James Hunt
A.R. Byerly
T.A. Middletown
A.T. Campbell
S.M. Smith
A.J. Mannen
B.L. Peyton
James R. Hunt
G.W. Schlegel
H.M. Baszar
D.R. Griffin
Evers White
Ed Coats
Isak Short
H.M. Baszar
Alex Morgan
Joseph Pratt

* Double entries specify the appointment of day and night marshals.