Animal Pound

The Animal Control Department is dedicated to enforcing the City of Fredonia’s animal control laws.

Animal Tags

All dogs and cats living within Fredonia over the age of four months must have a City animal tag. Tags should be on the animal at all times. The animal control officer can get wayward animals back to their owners with these tags. Animal tags can be purchased at City Hall for the following fees:

  • Unaltered dog/cat - $4
  • Altered dog/cat - $1

Adoption Fees

There is a $55 fee for all animal adoptions if not fixed and a $35 adoption fee if the animal is fixed. A $55 refund is given after proof of neuter or spay is shown.

Pound Fees

There is a $20 impoundment fee and a $3 per day care charge. Owners claiming their pet should bring rabies vaccination records before the animal will be released.

Available for Adoption

Please visit Fredonia Pound Pals for animals that are available for adoption.