City Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities

The City Commission appoints the City Administrator to be the chief administrative officer of the city. The Administrator is responsible for administration of City officers. The exact duties of the Administrator are laid out in the City Ordinances and State statutes, but the Commission may add to these responsibilities.

  • Maintaining general administrative and managerial supervision over the various functions, departments, personnel, projects, and services of the City
  • Implementing City Commission policy
  • Overseeing the maintenance of all City accounting records for both expenditures and revenue
  • Developing, preparing, and submitting policy considerations to the City Commission for action
  • Preparing and managing the annual budget
  • Preparing and delivering reports to the City Commission
  • Preparing agendas for meetings of the City Commission
  • Promoting economic development projects
  • Investigating and preparing the writing of grants for the City
  • Overseeing organizational developments
  • Supervising and evaluating all department heads
  • Overseeing short- and long-term planning
  • Exercising general supervision and control over all City purchases and expenditures in accordance with budget and policies established by the City Commission